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Beautiful city I want to return

sunny 22 °C

Nearing the end of my trip now, I have arrived in Servilla. And the what people say about are so true, the place is incredible. It makes it extra special to be here during easter week. Grabbed a taxi from the station becuase i could not for the life of me work out where my hostel was, And the first thing (person) i see out of the window is dressed in white with there faces covered over, and wearing a long pointy hat. I really thought id jumped into an alternate reality, and i was looking at a member of the KKK. The taxi driver assured me this was not the case, and that it was part of a festival held here over easter week.

The hostel is amazing, my room is on the top floor which is an open varanda with one room being shared by 4 of us. I look out over the roof tops and a church squire. First thing i did was go looking for a map then found myself outside the bull ring. So i went in for the tour, it was very interesting, they had a musuem located within it, looking at the last 2 centuries, and i learnt that bull fighting originally evolved from jousting. I then went and had lunch by the river, then came back to the hostel, where i met an Australian girl and we went out to watch the parade. It was quite emotional to see the respect, belief and passion that people held for the parade, The amount of people that turned out was incredible, it took Claire and I about 2 hrs just to walk a couple of streets. Lots of people in pointy hats, of various colours, a band, and some of the best floats ive ever seen. We think it took about 30 people to carry each float. The parade starts from each of the churches in the city, and makes it way towards the cathedral. After being in the cathedral they make there way back to their respective churches. The band music is very sombre and serious. Made me realise how commercial easter has become in the UK. The reason the people cover thier faces is they believe that god will recognise them and thier journey to heaven is assured. Got back to the hostel about midnight cooked pasta drank some wine and went to bed.

Today I went to see the alcazar, which is the palace where the princes and kings used to live. Oh boy, the beauty of the biuldings and the gardens blow me away. I spent a very happy three hours walking around, deciding what i would do with the place if i owned it. hahaha.

Its just started raining so i doubt im going to go out again to watch any more of the parade. Tomorrow i head for the beach, to wait out easter week.

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Palm Sunday

storm 13 °C

Caught the train to Telodo, arriving at about 9pm, First experience of Spains high speed trains, very nice, they even give away free sweets bonus. When I arrived at the station, I met two Americans and we agreed to share a cab into town, as it was pouring with rain, we then spent the next hour trying to find accomadation, we had all forgotten it was easter week, now in the uk, all this normally means is that we have to remember to get easter eggs. In spain from Palm sunday through to Easter Monday it is a huge deal. We had arrived on the saturday night, before palm sunday, and just when it looked like we were going to have to go back into Madrid to find a room, I got on my phone, (Yes dad having a phone on me was handy) and started ringing round after about 20 mins and a very broken conversation in spanish, I found us one single and one double for the other two. The hotel ended up being out of the main town but right on the river, and the view out of my window in the morning made all the hassle worth it.

Spent the day looking around the town, its very nice, and they obviously must have a huge history in making swords becuase they were sold from nearly every shop. EL Greco the artist comes from Telodo, and I have to say after seeing his paintings, I think the main needed some orange and yellow in his life, the painting were so gloomy, but they did fit in with the church which was the most oppressive cathedral Ive ever seen, it was really dark, and the alter was completely over the top, you didnt just feel small becuase of the huge size, I felt like the bishop ??? was showing off his might at the same time. My lest faviote cathedral so far, and believe me i have seen so many now. Only spent about 20 mins in there.

Becuase it was Palm sunday, everything was shut so just spent time wandering the streets, and taking lots of pictures, we had a thunderstorm in the afternoon, so i went back to my hotel, had a shower and relaxed.

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rain 13 °C

Well I arrived in Tarragona, it was getting to expensive for me to stay in Barcelona and be ill. Even though its raining the town looks bueatiful and I look forward to having a good look round tomorrow.

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semi-overcast 15 °C

Well I stayed in Barcelona and all I saw was my hotel room, a bottle of anti biotics, and hundreds of tissues. I had a really bad ear infection that im still trying to shake off. I dd manage to walk down the Rambles and sit and read at the harbour for a couple of hours. I will return to this lovely city one day.

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semi-overcast 10 °C

So after a 5 hour train journey, i did stop in Genova for a couple of hours, and had a quick look around, Looked like quite a nice place which surprised me. I arrived in Nice, at about 7pm. Caught the last bus out to my where my niece is working at the radisson hotel. It took about 20 mins she is a long way from the center of nice. Anyway found the hotel and there was Billie looking very smart in her uniform waiting in reception. I never thought id see my niece work for a living, anyway, after drawing a very dubious map i made my way to her apartment. I wish i could scan it in becuase with no road names, im amazed that i found it. I dumped my stuff and Billie texted me to say that she could leave work early so her lovely room mates made me some food, and then i shot back to the hotel. We then went to an irish band to watch a live band and did lots of catching up.

Woke the next morning about midday, and went off to see eze which is a village castle like place in the mountains. Full of gift shops and a lovely garden. The location is quite stunning, and when u look at the village from a distence it looks like it has grown out of the mountain. I then went on to Monoco. I only had a few hours there but managed to see most of it, also to get totaly lost in some very expensive hotel trying to find the exit, I dont even now how i got there, i started off in a shopping area, and after walking down endless corridors and taking a couple of lifts up and down I found my self in one of the corridors of the Hotel de Paris. Eventually found someone who showed me the way out. All i was trying to get to was the harbour.


I mean it looks like the sort of place i can afford to be. !!

Anyway, then i went to go look at the boats in the harbour, they are insane. with there poshers and mercedes parked out front, after looking at couple i realised that these are the sort of boats u seen in Hello magazine. I want one in the future !

I then had a quick look at Monoco, very relaxing place to see, even though some very famous people live there u dont get a sense of vast amounts of money being floated around, though i did want to try and get money out of the cash point to see if it only offered me thouands rather then hundreds of Euros. Had a te con leche in a cafe overlooking the harbour then made my way to the train station. Once I arrived back in Nice I went to a different irish bar and met my friend Danielle, from Naples and we proceed to drink long island iceteas until about 2 in the morning. I decided that Bille lived to far out of town and crashed at Danielles. The next morning feeling only slightly hungover, i made my way back to Billies, were we spent a very pleasant morning on her balcony, eating, reading and chatting. We then went to go to the post office, to collect a parcel from dad, and had lunch in some wierd old fashioned cafe, Billie thought it was the sort of place u would find in a desert of some small town in the usa. Took us ages to get served, but once the sandwiches arrived, we were hungry and the were delious. Billie then went to work.

I went back to her apartment, and had a shower, and even though it was bitterly cold, decided to walk into nice, only the promade with wet hair, i decision i was later to regret. I walked around old town nice for a while, then went to the bar to met Danielle. I had an hour to kill so jumped on the net, and spoke to a friend on msn. Danielle arrived and we started drinking, Billie joined us later that evening, got home about 2am. Billie friends arrived, and she went back out clubbing, I went to bed.

Next morning I woke still drunk, and took my stuff over to DanielleĀ“s as it was closer to the train station, kissed my niece goodbye and spent a very hungover day in Cannes. Cannes is great i saw them getting ready for this years show, the da was sunny, and not so cold, Waked along the shopping streets, where i reckn if u blinded folded me, i would still be able to tell u which area the rich do there shopping.
I then went back to nice and took the night train to Barcelona.

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