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May 2007


learning spanish

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Well I was in the beautiful city of Granada for a total of 2 mouths. I got to live in the wonderful sedate intriguing barrio of the Albaicin. Nearly all the houses are white, and you need to use a map for aleast a week to find your way around, but maybe its best to get lost down the narrow cobblestone streets to really get a feel for the place. I would often sit in San Nicholas and listen to impromtu flamaco guiter players or maybe over dinner there would be a group of gypses who would sing and play whilst you ate some of the best food at the cheapest prices.

Student housing was basic, the house consisted of 5 flats all of which could hold up to 3 to 5 people. So each week there was always a good crowd up on the terrace, drinking wine, having dinner, or studying spanish, with a mix of compas and flamaco dancing to wile away the evenings. The house had two main terraces, the roof terrace was small and had a table and two chairs, this is where i spent my mornings drinking PG Tips (found in a supermarket in the coast) and eating fresh bread with marmite whilst looking out over the sierra nevadas and the Alhambra Palace. I also spent many evenings up there too.

I went to various places to watch flamaco my faviote being the La Pena la Platería followed closely by the Upsetter, thou the seats are so uncomfortable . I also went to LA CHUMBERA twice the first time was amazing and after realalising that the singer drummer was not drunk but blind i really enjoyed the show. The view behind the singer was amazing, granada and the alhambra lit up at night. The second was not so good as we had the worst seats in the house. Though before we went in we got to watch a watch a wedding couple cut thier cake. I think some of my fav though proberly not the best choices was just seeing people playing on the streets and in the plazas.

I went gambling with my friends Gudryn, Jake and Chris and won 42 euros, seeing the alhambra at night was amazing, the colours that are only the ceiling are nicely lit up and can not really be seen during the day time. The school was in a fantastic location and the teachers were brillant. http://www.carmencuevas.com/en/index.php I would recomend this school to anyone.

Walking down to Plaza Largo to buy my friut and veg in the mornings before school, (school didnt start till 10am) or finding shortcuts to school and devoloping Albaicin legs, thighs & calves have never looked so good after walking up and down hills for 6 weeks. Going to the largest Fiera ive ever seen , and totally destroying Chris (ex army tank driver) on the bumper cars, I & gudrym laughed so hard in those five minutes. Watching people go on totally mental rides that i have never seen before. Playing cards & eating very greasy churrios (spelt in correctly im sure) at 4 in the morning.

Im sure there is more to tell, but for now that is all.

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