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Cinque terre


storm 10 °C

Up on the Northern west side of Italy is a little place called Cinque terre, its a world heritage site and contains 5 villages and lots of hill walking. I was there for only two days and wished i had stayed for a week. The five villages are connected by train, or you can hike between them or take pony treks across the mountains. With stuning views over the sea. The weather was bad at the time, storm came in from iceland or something ? The sea was increddibly rough, and crashing over the harbour wall. My hostel was about 30 steps from the harbour. i only shared it with one other person what luxury; Sorry if my typing is off; yes i am sitting in a bar in nice, with a pint but im using a computer that does not have a querkykeyboard honest: It has nothing to do with happy hour. Im also on msn which doesnt help !!!

Ok, its strange reading this becuase i am now in spain. Each village had a different feel, and many different qualities about them. I started off in Riomaggiore where my hostel was located, tiny little village, with one road leading up into the mountains. My hotel was just up from this harbour.


I then took a train to Monterosso al Mare which is the furthest village, this one is more biuld up and has the mojority of the hotels. Very pleasent beach, with a lovely house at the end, with a stone man holding up the garden.

I then took the train back to Manarola then walked along lovers walk back to riomaggiore. Where i had supper and went back to my hostel. Where I met my new room mate. Her name is Amy and she was an american. We both went to sleep early. In the morning we decided to hang out togather and we went and got breakfast, which consisted of fruit, mellon and strewberries to be exact. We then set off for Vernazza. This was my faviote village, bueatiful harbour area, great views from the cliffs, and great pizza and ice cream. She then decided to walk to the next town, me being of slightly lazy nature, decided to take the train to Corniglia. Once i got there i figured i should have walked, becuese i had to walk up to the top of the mountain to get to the village, sorry to say that though very pleasent, there wasnt a whole lot going on. So i left again. I then took the train back to manarola and walked back from to my hostel from there.

The next morning i had to leave for Nice, i was sad to leave and would one day love to return.

Ive sent all my pictures home now please just google if your interested.

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semi-overcast 20 °C

Well ive arrived in Florence after a two hour train journey. After getting hopelessly lost i evenutally found my hostel. It was about 5 minutes from the center of town, and for the first night i had the entire room to myself. Spent the afternoon walking around Florence, and waled up to Michealangelos piazza. Where I saw the fake david. The Piazza had lovely views over the city. Then with icecream in hand i walked back into town, for supper. Florence is surprisingly expensive, considering its still early in the season. There were thousands upon thousands of Americans there, At times i dont think i heard any Italian being spoken.

After a good nights sleep i went to Bologne, which someone had recommended seeing. And it is worth seeing. The historical part of the town is about 20 minutes from the station, and is gorgous. Most of the biuldings are various shades of red, with these lovely covered walked ways. Some of the biuldings that the university gets to use are wonderful, I kept thinking that they must be museums. What a place to study. I met someone later who was studying there for a year and they said it was very special. I tried the bolognise sauce and it was good. Too the train back to Florence. When i arrived I had three new room mates and they were all lovely.

Took the train to Venice which took about 3 hrs. Only had 6 hours there but was very happy to be there. Took the boat down to St Marks square, then found a excellent map and then just wandered over the city trying to find all the places that the tourists hadnt found. Venice is so lovely, had supper in a restuarant by the grand canel, then took the train back to florence.

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Loving it

sunny 22 °C

Arrived at the hostel, and checked in, just had a pizza near the train station, where everyone told me to be careful. To be honest, Rome felt like a walk in the park after Naples. Woke early the next morning and headed out to the city with Nick, New Zealand guy i had met the night before. Img_0703.jpg

We decided to use the hop on hop off buses to get across the city, there was one waiting at the trian station, We headed for the Vatican. St Peters square is amazing but smaller then i thought it was going to be, As we walked into the square we realilised there was lots of people standing around with banners. All of a sudden, there was a voice coming out of a loud speaker, so we looked around and couldnt see who was talking, by now we were really confused. Then Nick noticed some guy standing at an open window, and we put 2 and 2 togather. Sunday 12 midday lots of nuns standing around could this be the pope, what convinced us was when everyone starting praying. Even then we discussed whether or not it was really the pope or not. After about half an hour the pope went back indoors, and we left for the second part of our trip. We ended going to the catacombs even though i had been told that they were not worth seeing. I really should listen sometimes. Then we headed back to the hostel.

The following day, i got up really early and Aldo (Honduran) guy i met at the hostel and I headed out for the vatican museum. We had to wait over an hour to get in. It felt weird watching all these people handing over there money, and we wondered how much the vatican makes from tourists each year, and why the churches still have to ask there local people for cash ! Sistine chapel was beautiful, we werent allowed to take any pictures unfortuantly. But I feel like im pleased to have seen it. You also get to walk through the papel appartments, and various museums. It all takes about 2 half hrs. I had lost aldo by this time, so left the vatican and went to St peters church, which is awsome, and leaves you feeling quite speechless and full of emotions. I then walked very slowly back to my hostel, just sticking my head into churches, window shopping, and took in the spanish steps, Ran into a newly wedded couple at the spanish steps and the bride throw her bouquet into the crowd. Everyone was cheering and clapping. Then went to the Triva fountain and Patheon and lots of other things. Got back to the hostel had dinner then went for a midnight stroll through the city with nick, tried to learn how best to use my camera at night.Img_0711.jpg

Got home about 1am. I was completely exhusted.

The next day i was tired and my legs felt like they were gona fall off. After getting up very late I went to the Colosseum and Palatine hill. Spent a very happy day just wandering around. The sites are so massive, and close togather you get a really sense in rome of what it could have been like back in the day. Its weird to hear stories about Julius Ceaser etc and realise that you are standing in the spot where he was creamated.

I was really pleased to have seen Palatine Hill. After walking around I went back to the hostel and went to catch up on my blog then after a lovely local supper went to bed.

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semi-overcast 20 °C

I have to say, Naples is scary they say you either love it or you hate it, and whilst i tried my hardest to like it despite the rain, i found after three days i could not wait to leave. You are on constant alert for bag snatches, and i found it quite tiring. Saw someones bag get taken and met a couple of people who had there walets lifted. Its a shame becuase i think Naples could have a lot of potential.

But first, after i checked into the hostel, i was told that no bed would be available until 12 midday. It was about 7.30 in the morning, so i took myself off for a walk, around the shops. Walking slowly towards the castle. Once i reached the castle which was interesting and also free always a bonus, i got caught in a thunderstorm and ended up taking shelter, under one of the arches inside the castle, which wasnt very well protected for about half an hour, then decided i was from england, and what was a bit of rain to me, so took off towards the center of town, once i'd crossed the drawbridge i was sodden. I continued on towards the other castle which was not free and they keeped telling me to go to the top to see the fantastic views. Didnt they think i was wet enough already?

Whilst there i met an american called Amy who had taken the boat in from Sorrento for the day. We decided to hang out, and went to get some lunch. We then made our way slowly towards the Archiology museum, but it started to rain again and as i passed my hostel i was totally wet through, cold and misarible, I begged off and went to claim my bed. I never saw the museum which is shame as i heard its excellent. Ended up after a lovely long shower watching some oz movie which was so bad all you could do was laugh. Then i chatted with some room mates and went to sleep. Felt strange to be in hostel after being in a hotel room for long.

Woke the next day and the sun was shinning. Met up with danielle and we went off to Pompeii. Bus took about 30 minutes and there we were, the city is huge, it took us about 5 hours to walk round and we still missed stuff. I loved it, you get a real sense of the damage that was caused, and a look at what life was like. Strangly the brothel seemed to be the most complete biulding there, pictures and all !! Well worth the visit, its hard to describe it on here, but enough to say that i left with a really idea of how the pompeiins had lived there lives.

After getting a local bus back to Naples, 2 hrs uhhhh we went out to dinner Naples Pizza is lovely, met up with a couple of irish lads and went out drinking, got back about 2am.
Next day after ordering mine and danielles lunch in Itallian from deli, We went off to the lovely island of Capri, ferry took about an hr to reach the island, and as soon as we arrived, we went on a boat ride around the island we saw lots of inlets and rich peoples houses, the sea was too rough for us to go to the blue grotto, which on the postcards looks stunning. After arriving back on the island we took the bus up into town and just wondered around these narrow little alleyways, whcih offered fantastic views and the odd glance into peoples gardens. We then watched the sunset from the top of the piazza.


The end to a lovely day.

Next day we left our luggage at the station and took the train to Eurcolana. Were we took the bus up to Mt Vursovios. We were let off to walk the last km. My god was it cold, it was cloudy with icy rain and extremely windy. I forgot to bring a coat. After a very steep climb we made it to the top, where we celebrated with hot chocolate and coffees. I had a ciggy and asked the mountain for a light and some tourist said i dont think thats very funny do u ?. I thought she needed a sense of humour transplant.

After climbing back down we took the bus to the ruins. They are a lot smaller then Pompeii only take about 1 hr to get round. We couldnt find anyone that spoke english or a guide book in english so we were left to figure it all out for ourselves. It looked to us like they were trying to reconstruct the site to how it must have looked before the mud slids. If this is what they are trying to achieve then It could be well worth a visit again in 10 years or more.

We then went back to Naples and took the train to Roma. Arriving about 8 pm. Danielle left me to continue on her way to Nice.

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Back in Palermo


sunny 21 °C


Well back in Palermo, for a night, met up with my god mothers sister who took me for a quick tour of the city, in her car, and then we had a delicious lunch in her faviote cafe. After I spent the evening walking around the city and sorting out my blog.

Next morning, I had breakfast brought to me in bed by a very cute Italian staff member of the hotel, Lovely way to wake up I must say. I then set off to see the Palace, and then tried to get money out of the bank machine which proved to be difficult. I then had lunch and met an english guy and his Russian wife. The cafe was run by a lovely Italian family who were wonderfully friendly and the food was great.

I then boarded the ferry to Naples, I only ended up sharing my 4 bed shared cabin with one other girl from Canada, her name is Danielle and we ended up hanging out for the entire time in Naples and plan to met up in Nice. Well the trip to Naples was eventful to say the least, We decided to Buy a bottle of wine which as we both smoke we sat on the deck and chatted loads drinking wine, smoking and watching Palermo shrink into the distance. We then went on a search for food, and discovered due to it being off season, there was no cafe or resturant open so I found the chef, A little bit of flirting and soon we had chicken sandwiches and a free bottle wine for out troubles, dont ever try and seperate me from food I get deadly. We then started talking to 2 Italians and practicing my Italian. Not sure how well I did but they laughed loads, until i started to teach them english. Went to bed at 2am. Got woken at 5.30 as we arrived in Naples. On a cold wet day.

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